You Don't 

Need To Be Big

To Get Noticed

You Just Need Some Help

I'm Bob Walker, owner of Rapidsuccess, and I have more than 30 years of experience in marketing and communications. After I retired, I started Rapidsuccess to help small businesses and nonprofits in the Wisconsin Rapids area that recognize a need to improve their marketing capabilities but can't afford conventional marketing agencies.


Rapidsuccess isn't just for groups. I can also help you tell personal stories. If you have an achievement, hobby or interest that is special, why not share it with others? Whether your project involves a website or a printed booklet/brochure, I can help.



Need a new or better website? Better connections through social media? Rapidsuccess can build your place in the online world.


Full color or simple black-and-white, if you need a brochure, flyer, or other sales collateral, Rapidsuccess can create it for you.


Branding, strategic direction, marketing strategies -- sometimes the best first step is to start with a professional plan.


If you need good quality imagery for your website or printed materials, Rapidsuccess can provide it. 


Serving individuals, small businesses and

nonprofits in Central Wisconsin

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Phone: 715-340-0259


Hours: By appointment