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Thanks for taking the time to get to learn more about Rapidsuccess. Our goal is to assist small businesses and nonprofits that need marketing and communications help but can't afford traditional agencies. 


Rapidsuccess is a one-person shop. My name is Bob Walker.  As the owner and only employee or Rapidsuccess, I can tell you that I'm not in this to make a lot of money.  The business provides a means of  properly documenting income and expenses for my work, which keeps the government happy.  And it allows me to help out individuals, small businesses and nonprofits that I believe are the lifeblood of my community.


Here's my story.  I’m 62 years old, and I retired nine years ago after more than 30 years in journalism, public relations and marketing communications.    

After retiring, I was able to pick and choose opportunities to help a few nonprofits with things related to the kind of work I used to do — an annual report for one group, a strategic plan for another, a branding platform for a third, to name a few. I also taught part-time at a local technical college, worked part-time at a convenience store for a few years (great fun, by the way), and got elected to the village board of the community where I lived (pop. 850). The last nine years have been a mix of a lot of things that I wished I had time for during my full-time working years. The diversity of experiences has been made my life fuller and more interesting, though much less financially rewarding than my old life.


While my work experiences gave me a lot of knowledge about marketing and communications,  I needed to develop some new skills for working on the Web: coding, managing domains, and all sorts of other technical stuff. 


That led me somehow to Skillcrush. I honestly don’t remember why I chose them, though I’m glad I did.  Skillcrush taught me how to code up a website with HTML/CSS.  I can also do a little bit with Javascript, and WordPress.  I've learned a lot about user experience and testing that I can apply when working with website-building apps like GoDaddy or Wix.

I hope to succeed. Doing so would give me a bit of “age-defying” pride and satisfaction from learning and applying new skills. But more than anything else, my success would come as a result of helping local businesses and nonprofits succeed. That's what would really make this chapter of my life worthwhile.

Bike ride website screenshot.JPG

When I'm not working on a Rapidsuccess project, I enjoy bicycling and travel, and if I can put  those two things together, all the better. Here's a screenshot of a website I put together to tell the story of my cross-country bicycling adventure that was done in stages over a ten-year period. Click the image above to go to the site.


Do you have an interest or accomplishment that you'd like to share with others? Call or send an email and I'll help you tell your story.   


Serving individuals, small businesses and

nonprofits in Central Wisconsin

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