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Powell Plumbing & Pumps

Powell Plumbing & Pumps Inc. is a family-owned business that provides a one-stop solution for residential and commercial plumbing needs in the Wisconsin Rapids area.


This site was built on Wix, giving the business owner a way to easily maintain and update content on the site while saving the company more than 90% of the costs associated with their previous website consulting agency. The new website included the addition of a secure system for online payments. Click the heading above or the image to go to the Powell Plumbing site.


Printed Material

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Golden Sands RC&D 2019 Highlights


Golden Sands RC&D is a not-for-profit conservation and resource management organization located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin that helps make Central Wisconsin a great place to live and work.


Each year, the group highlights its work in a simple four-page annual report that is used to support fund-raising efforts and promote community awareness. 

Click the image or the heading above to see a pdf version of the current report.


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RLM Tax & Accounting

RLM Tax & Accounting does top-quality and affordable financial work for individuals and small businesses. Owner Ramona Mathews had a Facebook presence already, but wanted to have a website to expand her reach and add more credibility to the business. She also wanted her brand to be represented more consistently across platforms, including advertising. We helped her not only establish the website, but also created a new logo and color palette for the business.


Click the heading above or the website image to go to the RLM site.


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Photos For Your Project Needs

While I'm not a professional photographer, I'm good enough with a camera to give you something that will work if your project requires custom photo work.


Check out a few of my favorite images on Instagram, or download high resolution versions for free at